Semen Merah Putih Innovation Receives 2 Awards at Once

Jakarta, October 27, 2023 – PT Cemindo Gemilang Tbk (IDX: CMNT) received two awards for its latest innovation, Semen Merah Putih Watershield, at a ceremony held at the Golden Ballroom, The Sultan Hotel Jakarta. The awards were presented by TRAS N CO Indonesia, a research institute, and INFOBRAND.ID, a media company. Semen Merah Putih Watershield is the first and only multi-purpose cement in Indonesia with water-repellent technology. This technology provides better protection for buildings in all weather conditions, especially rain, and gives a lotus leaf effect on the final result of the building project.

The first award, Top Innovation Choice Award 2022, is a prestigious award in the field of innovation that is given to brands for their success in creating innovation in products or services.


Oza Guswara, GM Sales & Marketing of PT Cemindo Gemilang Tbk, said that the innovation is something new and has never existed in Indonesia. He is very optimistic that the product will be immediately accepted by the market.

The second award, Pertama di Indonesia, is given to companies or brands for their achievements in innovation and creativity in order to increase the marketability of their products/services and become pioneers in their category.

Surindro Kalbu Adi, Commercial Director of PT Cemindo Gemilang Tbk, explained in a press conference that the innovation presented by Semen Merah Putih comes from the problems faced by the community. The idea for the innovation of Semen Merah Putih Watershield comes from the pain point, where people still have problems when building a house. Extreme weather conditions, humidity above 60%, and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year present challenges in the construction process.

“For 2,000 years, cement has been gray, and its features have remained the same. And of course this will be a milestone, Semen Merah Putih is mengeluarkan produk-produk yang lebih baik. As a principle, Semen Merah Putih always starts from the customer's pain point when menghadirkan produk. And find the best formula to answer the needs of the community,” explained Surindro.