KPN Corp Year End Gathering 2023

In the fast-changing world of technology, particularly with the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the KPN Corp Year End Gathering 2023 took place with the exciting theme of Shaping the Future with AI Innovation”. This 2-day event began with insightful seminars and booth sessions featuring 3 amazing speakers from AWS, Metrodata, and Darwinbox, who delved deep into AI in this era.


Capturing the spirit of togetherness at the event, it seamlessly transitioned into a Team Building Activity. This featured a specially crafted web game known as "Clash of Codes," where participants faced challenges both as individuals and as part of a team. Engaging fully in the game, all participants cracked various riddles and visited a total of 11 station games around Pullman. The night then concluded with a delightful dinner, creating a warm atmosphere of togetherness, topped off with some fun karaoke moments. 

To bring the event to a close, everyone expressed their wishes for KPN Corp on puzzle pieces on the 2nd day, which were then assembled to form a unified KPN Corp logo.