KPN Corp Hosts Healthy Skin Class with ERHA

Jakarta, June 14, 2024 - KPN Corp, in collaboration with ERHA, successfully organized a Healthy Skin Class aimed at raising awareness about skin health among employees. The event took place at KPN's Head Office and was attended by nearly 100 enthusiastic employees. To accommodate all participants, the class was divided into two sessions.

The Healthy Skin Class is part of KPN Corp's ongoing employee wellness initiatives, providing valuable insights and practical advice on maintaining healthy skin. A similar event was also held by KPN Corp in collaboration with KOSE, a Japanese makeup brand, in February.

All sessions of the Healthy Skin Class were led by leading dermatologists from ERHA, who discussed a range of topics including skincare routines, the importance of sun protection, and treatments for common skin issues.

The event began with a welcome speech from a KPN Corp representative, emphasizing the company's commitment to employee well-being. This was followed by informative presentations from ERHA's dermatology experts, who shared their knowledge and answered questions from the participants. Each session was highly interactive, allowing employees to engage directly with the experts and receive personalized skincare advice.

ERHA enhanced the experience by providing a Skin Age Detector and personalized skin checks with selected doctors. This allowed participants to better understand their skin condition and receive tailored advice based on their individual needs. Employees were also given the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive skin health assessment, ensuring they received the most accurate and relevant information for their skincare routine.

Upon completion of the activities, each employee received a goodie bag containing vouchers and ERHA products. This ensured that participants could continue their skincare journey with the right tools and products.